I really like taking pictures of stuff, and I have a deep appreciation for the art of photography. I currently shoot with a Canon ESO Rebel T3i, which I also use for filmmaking. I bought it in 2014, and I’m still learning how the thing works. So far I’ve taken a few fun shots, but Jaime’s learning how to use it better than I am at this point.

I hope to find a few places to shoot in my home state this summer. I also use a Canon PowerShot point-and-shoot for quick shots, and I use instagram and my phone for other moments.

 Soft, high-pitched nose whistle-snoring  Masa fry, a.k.a corny scrunches.  Chainsaw art.  This flows into Lake Seneca along RT.414.
 Moving around the hallway outside my office today: A Tumblehair  Seneca Lake  Music by the campfire.  Want to swim.
 Nighty nap buds  Drinking some Woody and remembering the awesome time we had at Blackduck Cidery. Behind the camera, @blystra48. Cheers!    This is a barn.
 Throw back to a controlled burn.  Where can I get my hands on that shirt in my current size, is all I'm saying.  I love this place.