I love music; it is a powerful human medium. Musical interaction is a very important way in which I communicate. I try to involve myself in projects I believe are awesome.

Irish music has been a passion of mine for many years, and in March 2012 I purchased a C#/D Hohner Double-Ray button box. I have been learning tunes on this slightly sharp noisemaker ever since and enjoying myself immensely. I play the button accordion in an awesome Irish band, Hearthstone. The other members are fantastic musicians and incredible people. It’s such a pleasure to play music with them!

I deeply enjoy traditional tunes from many different cultures; traditional musics, in general, are a continued fascination. I love connecting with others through the musical medium.

 Dara Bán Mac Donnchadjearworm’s sounclou
 Michelle Mulcahy, ThThunder Hips and Sad
Bhajan Episode 2 // Electronic Youth - GMark Redmond, Louise
Johnny Blue - El SagSona Jobarteh - JaraUilleann Pipers in h
County Clare Music PDjele Lankandia - KoCharles Littleleaf o