Fiction is art; fiction is life. The Cartesian divide between what is fiction and what is non-fiction continues to fascinate. All narrative is a fiction of sorts. The written word is an elaborate fiction, right down to the assumption of permanence that it still seems to inspire in contemporary society.

I enjoy a good story, as I’ve mentioned, and I spend what time I can reading books as well as stuff on the interwebs. Here’s at look at some recent reads and favorite titles.

45 ways to avoid usiA Storm of Swords (AZorba the GreekOblivion, by David FThe Eye of the World
The Fabulous RiverboDo Androids Dream ofGardens of the Moon The Girl with the DrAt Home: A Short His
The Chronicles of TaAt the Mountains of Enders Game (The EnThe Hedge Knight (ThBakhtin and Cultural
To Your Scattered BoThe Reindeer People:A Walk in the WoodsThe Memory of Earth Animal Farm
Foundation (Foundati1984A Supposedly Fun ThiThe Ruins of Ambrai Talking Heads - Once

“Fiction’s what it means to be a human being.” -David Foster Wallace
“Fiction is a piece of truth that turns lies into meaning.” -Dorothy Allison