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Fiction is art; fiction is life.

The Cartesian divide between what is fiction and what is non-fiction continues to fascinate. All narrative is a fiction of sorts. The written word is an elaborate fiction, right down to the assumption of permanence that it still seems to inspire in contemporary society. I enjoy a good story, and I spend what time I can reading books as well as stuff on the interwebs. And writing a bit too.

“Fiction’s what it means to be a human being.” -David Foster Wallace

“Fiction is a piece of truth that turns lies into meaning.” -Dorothy Allison


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The Anyman: Genesis

This first appeared in the Marvel Heroes forum that was short-lived but inspired, to say the least. The saga concerns the origins of “The Anyman,” or as known to his friends and family,¬†Gerald “Gerry” Francis Watson. As a Marvel Super… Read more →