"Fiction's what it means to be a human being."
    --David Foster Wallace


Video Games As Art: The Semantics of Aesthetics

Quite some time ago, Roger Ebert was quoted as having said that “video games can never be art,” after which a horde of gamers smashed their angry fingers on keyboards struggling to shout into blog commentaries, “how dare you!” and “yes they can, to infinity!” and “he just doesn’t get it!” and similar rebuttals. The […]

Jolly Roger

Vomito Negro’s new album Skull & Bones arrived last week, and I’ve been jamming out ever since. The music is simple but artfully programmed and mastered, and the second remakes disc is equally as impressive. As far as EBM goes, it’s certainly dance-able music, but it is definitely old school EBM to the core. Vomito […]