"Fiction's what it means to be a human being."
    --David Foster Wallace


Documentary in the Works

This weekend marked the birth of the production company “Bandit’s Vulgar,” in association with “Odd Freak Films,” a collaborative effort through which I and Frank Gunderson are creating the documentary The Human Skab. We have been working long hours for the past few months, logging footage and conceptualizing the project, and we made our first […]

A Day with the Dentist

The dentist’s office. Definitely an interesting place. I went there yesterday to have a consult concerning my wisdom teeth. I have five of them. That’s right: five. Anyway, I’ve got to get them all removed, because my other dentist (the one who cost me a lot of money) told me he’s not going to work […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I enjoyed reading Susie Bright’s blog post for today; she often has interesting things to say. In it she makes reference to The Departed, a film that I enjoyed watching even if it’s a bit pedantic (a common side effect of Scorcese pictures). The film’s screenplay is nearly an exact adaptation of a Hong Kong […]